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There are many ways to enjoy a place. From cycling routes to spending several nights from dinner to dinner enjoying the gastronomy of the destination. However, none of these ways you can think of can ever be bought with what yacht chartering entails. Thanks to yacht charter you can enjoy the islands in a different way, from another point of view. Renting a boat is much more affordable than you can imagine, so luxury yacht charter is no longer reserved for just a few. In addition, you have different options when choosing your yacht charter.

The best experiences are the ones you can share with family or friends. Chartering a boat between islands is one of those experiences worth sharing.

As this is an activity that is not carried out alone, you can choose a larger or smaller boat depending on your needs. If there are only a few of you and you need a fast boat that can navigate well between the coves, you can opt for a sailboat rental.

If there are more of you in the group, about eight people, and you want a more spacious boat that also moves less, your option is to choose a catamaran. The choice of the type of boat will never condition your experience, that is, you will be able to enjoy the best of a boat in any of the islands.

One of the advantages of renting one of these boats for your vacations is that you can adapt the rental to your needs. Thanks to this possibility you can change year after year.

Boat rentals have a very obvious advantage, offering you the possibility to enjoy a boat without owning one. This allows anyone to enjoy one of these boats whenever they want, so you can schedule a vacation when it is in your best interest by choosing the boat you like the most.

This advantage is even interesting for boat owners. Being able to rent a different model each time means not being tied to the same boat forever. This way, thanks to this possibility you can choose a different boat each time, adapting the characteristics of the boat to the group's needs.

On the other hand, chartering a boat also means having an experienced captain. These professionals will take care of taking the boat wherever you want, so you will not have to worry about maneuvering at any time nor do you need any knowledge of navigation to be able to relax on the boat. Just tell the captain where you want to go and he will gladly take you.

The possibilities when it comes to enjoying a boat, yacht or motorboat are enormous. To begin with, it means having a means of transportation that is not limited to the road. This is ideal for navigating between the different beaches or coves. We are talking about islands with miles of coastline, so you can access places that otherwise would be impossible to reach or, at least, it would cost quite a lot to do so by other means of road transport.

Forget about crowded beaches, about having to look for parking when arriving at the beach, about carrying your towel and umbrella along the sand until you get to the shore of the beach... being on a boat, yacht or boat rental. you will be able to enjoy a privileged place on the beach where no one will bother you. You will be able to sunbathe, snorkel, swim at your leisure... and, of course, have a snack on board the boat. There are innumerable conveniences that exist when it comes to having a charter boat.

Enjoying a sunset, having a glass of champagne in the middle of the sea, snorkeling without being disturbed... having a charter boat means having access to a lot of advantages that allow you to see the islands from another point of view, tranquility in a bustling island.

In short, now you have it easier than ever to enjoy one of these boats. If you want to live a completely unique experience and not fall into monotony, we recommend that you take a look at our boats and yachts and start planning your next vacation. With boat rentals or yacht charters, you will no longer see the islands in the same way and you will discover a lot of different ways to enjoy with family or friends. Are you ready to sail?